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Brett Cox

"I've worked with SwitchonMyMedia on a handful of web design projects. SwitchonMyMedia understands user experience and has a strong understanding of the future of digital marketing. They are thorough, tech literate, business savvy, passionate and strategically focused. SwitchonMyMedia are easy to work with, professional and excellent at providing direction on web projects and conveying their goals and strategies. Thank you for sharing your fervent attitude and drive. This has Inspired me to realize that the sky is the limit. I recommend SwitchonMyMedia to anyone and everyone and would be happy to work with them again at anytime."

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Shawn Benjamin

"What can't I say, absolutely nothing. SwitchonMyMedia has just completed my new website. What a breath of fresh air, I even had someone sending me a message saying that I now look like a real photographer. SwitchonMyMedia has most certainly gone an extra 100 miles and left no stone unturned. I can say confidently you can not go wrong with SwitchonMyMedia."

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Dusko Ljubojevic

"I have worked with SwitchonMyMedia on numerous occasions, primarily where they acted as an IT consultant to Mining Communication Services. SwitchonMyMedia professionalism and work ethic ensured that our expectations were more then exceeded in all the projects where we collaborated together. SwitchonMyMedia's technical background, in conjunction with their own entrepreneurial streak, is an ideal service provider for start ups and other entrepreneurs."



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